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  Alkemyst's 240SX Camshaft Calculator  
Intake Cam: Exhaust Cam:
or enter Intake Settings: or enter Exhaust Settings:
Intake Open BTDC(-ATDC): Exhaust Open BBDC:
Intake Close ABDC: Exhaust Close ATDC(-BTDC):
Intake Adjustment Exhaust Adjustment
Degrees:  Advanced:  Retarded: Degrees:  Advanced: Retarded:
Intake Duration: º Exhaust Duration: º
Intake Open BTDC(-ATDC): º Exhaust Open BBDC: º
Intake Close ABDC: º Exhaust Close ATDC (-BTDC): º
Intake Centerline: º Exhaust Centerline: º
Intake Timing: º   Exhaust Timing: º  
Lobe Separation: º Overlap: º
NOTE: Exhaust cam timings used for intake have not been verified, if you have updated timings email me at alkemyst [at] 30moons [dot] com